Burgers & Fries

From 12:00 to 20:00

Tantalizing Smash Burgers and Redefining Veggie Burgers.
Pair Them with Our Loaded Fries and Secret Sauce,
grab a beer or have a Frozen margarita
or Espresso martini to get your evening started.

Burgers that will make you go.. Mmmmmm...

Carroll's burgers are crafted with top-notch ingredients, including sustainably-sourced meat and plant-based burgers from Redefine Meat. We take pride in serving the best burgers on the NDSM, and our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients sets us apart. Come taste the difference for yourself!

Burgers & Fries - Carroll's
Burgers & Fries - Carroll's

Want to know a secret?

Our crispy fries are topped with a special secret sauce that will make your taste buds dance with joy. And the best part? Our loaded fries are made with vegetarians in mind, so everyone can enjoy this delicious snack. Come in and give them a try today!

Sippin' on the dock of the bay

Our slushy margarita is the perfect refreshment on a hot day. Made with high-quality ingredients and served icy cold, it's the ultimate summer treat. Come to Carroll's and sip on the dock of the bay with us.

Burgers & Fries - Carroll's
Burgers & Fries - Carroll's

Need to kick-start your evening?

Shake things up with Carroll's Espresso Martini in a Jar. Made with premium espresso and expertly crafted to perfection, this delicious cocktail is sure to give you the caffeine fix you need to power through the night.

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